I  was raised in the Appalachian mountains as a young child.  I  learned to love the hills and streams  that were the best toy box a youngster couild have.  When I was about 11 we moved  from the mountains and  lived in Michigan,  Texas,  Washington,  California, New Mexico, and Spain before I was 18.  I was attracted to the magic  of all these different places  while learning a sense of detachment that in some ways allows me to see the land more clearly. I have also lived in Tennessee, Virginia, Germany, and Arizona.  The last 40 years or so were spent in Virginia and Arizona.

I received my MA in art education from the University of Arizona and taught art in Tucson for almost 20 years.  Upon moving back to Virginia I became serious about the Virginia landscape in general, and the Blue Ridge mountains in specific. While I focused on print making and watercolor in Arizona, I shifted to oil as a primary medium when I returned to Virginia.